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Gray hair is always a surprise, especially when you’re under 40. However, going gray can happen to anyone; so when I saw my first gray, I knew I had to act fast. Thinking about making a trip to the salon and budgeting for an all-over-color — at close to $100 a pop with monthly upkeep — gave me serious anxiety. I tried everything from tucking in my stray grays to pulling one or two of them (I’m sad to say). Thankfully, a friend told me about eSalon where I could create a unique color profile online, and they would craft a color just for me.


1) Head to and create your Color Profile with a recent photo (only if you want to).
2) Add in your color preferences for your ideal shade, how you color, and how often. Then hit send and let eSalon do their magic.
3) Sit tight and wait for your all-inclusive hair color delivery right to your door.
It only took a couple of days to get my custom color which came with a set of detailed instructions by a pro colorist—crisis averted. The price is pretty amazing too at $10 for the first order, with a recurring order discount: which amounts to less than a quarter of my salon visit. Their system saves my custom color so they can ship it to me when I need a refresher. Bananas.


-A bottle of custom hair color
-Color kit (stain guard, stain remover, Classic Shampoo + Classic Conditioner packets)
-Two pairs of non-latex gloves
-Tint Brush for detailed color application
-Personalized (to you) color application instructions
-Access to a dedicated expert colorist


As soon as the first box appeared on my doorstep, I ran inside, posted my personalized instructions to my bathroom mirror, and put on the gloves. eSalon included a Tint Brush to apply my color which I’ve never used before, but it was so easy that I’ll stick to it in the future. Plus, if I got stuck, it was nice knowing that I had access to a colorist. Instead of making small talk at the salon, I got through a couple chapters of my novel and tidied up the house as my color processed.
Before I knew it, the timer buzzed, and I was ready to wash and go.


My grays are invisible, I look younger, and feel more confident than ever. Done deal.


Your eSalon kit even comes with a professional coloring brush, gloves, stain guard, stain remover, shampoo and conditioner – besides the guidance of expert colorists. To top it off, eSalon has a special offer for new customers: Get your first custom color kit for only $10 (a 50% savings!), with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

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