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Trend Watch: Why Everyone's Trying These Home Highlights

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Marla knew it was time for a change—she had always had light-brunette hair and was comfortable with the color. “I wanted something different, but I didn’t want to go darker, and I didn’t want to go blonde because of how much upkeep it requires,” she said.
“I head about eSalon’s home highlighting kit through a friend who couldn’t stop raving about it. It was obvious why—I mean her hair looked beautiful. I decided to give a try and now I don’t know how I lived without it” she laughed.
eSalon’s home highlights, called Light Set, comes with everything you need to balayage your hair at home like a pro—including gloves, a tint brush, mixing tray, and sectioning comb. A.k.a “the works.” Everything is professional-grade and up to salon standards, so that you can get vibrant, long-lasting highlights right in the comfort of your home. The kissed-by-the-sun effect of eSalon’s highlights comes from the superior quality of the ingredients and the new trending highlighting technique called “balayage.”
“I really love how easy the balayage technique is” Marla said. “It’s basically just painting the highlights onto your hair freestyle—no foil or anything. That way it comes out really natural-looking, just like how the sun gradually lightens your hair.”

Worth a try!

eSalon is known in the beauty world for being innovative, and is the first and only company to create custom hair color from scratch. Now, their new Light Set is the next step to to making the home hair color experience easier, while still getting the professional results. Try your first order of Light Set for just $14 (that’s 50% off!) and get it shipped directly to your door. If you’re not head-over-heels about your results you can get your money back. But at the rate that Light Set is selling, we’re pretty positive you’ll love it.

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