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Remember the days when highlighting your own hair at home meant dealing with messy foil or wearing crochet caps that look like upside-down pasta strainers? Meet eSalon, the company that totally changed the way highlights are applied at home. In our opinion, their highlights not only give your hair a rich, vibrant “pop of light,” but they also deliver long-lasting results that gradually brighten over time.
Using the French technique “balayage,” eSalon’s home highlights are applied by painting highlights “freestyle” for a natural, kissed-by-the-sun look. “The sun doesn’t lighten your hair in this uniform, perfectly measured way,” says Courtney G., eSalon’s Client Education Manager. “It brightens up the the parts of your hair that are naturally tousled and exposed—that’s what gives your color a beachy, multidimensional look. So we created our highlights to lighten your hair in the same way that the sun does!”
Now, the sun-kissed hair trend seems to be everywhere you turn—celebrities are known to spend hundreds of dollars for the natural look of balayage-style highlights. With eSalon’s home highlights, you can get the same results at home without the hefty prices and in half the time.

Salon-Quality Home Highlights

How does eSalon do it? They simplified the process and used top-quality ingredients. Their highlights come in an all-inclusive kit called Light Set. Inside the set is everything you need to balayage your hair at home like a pro, including gloves, a tint brush, mixing tray, and sectioning comb—a.k.a “the works.”
“We also include a Toning Mask, which is really the star of the show,” Courtney explains. “It’s something that hasn’t been used in a home highlighting kit before us, and it’s the key step to getting long-lasting, salon-worthy highlights” she said.
In a typical salon, a Toning Mask is applied to hair as a last step to balance your highlights and add vibrancy. “We made it easy it use, and it’s fortified with deep-conditioning nutrients so that your hair is super soft and shiny, with pops of brightness.”

Worth a try!

eSalon is known in the beauty world for being innovative, and is the first and only company to create custom hair color from scratch. Now, their new Light Set is the next step to to making the home hair color experience easier, while still getting the professional results. Try your first order of Light Set for just $14 (that’s 50% off!) and get it shipped directly to your door. If you’re not head-over-heels about your results you can get your money back. But at the rate that Light Set is selling, we’re pretty positive you’ll love it.

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