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Even Clairol Customers Admit this is Great Hair Color

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Loyal Clairol hair color customers are turning their heads away from the popular brand, as an upstart home color company, eSalon, is making their hair look better than ever.
One client wrote in that eSalon’s hair color is “The best coloring product I have used. I have had my hair colored a few times in salons. Otherwise I have used over-the-counter products such as Clairol… [eSalon’s] product was far superior.”
“I tried practically every box on the market but always had terrible luck…then I did the eSalon thing…My hair was sooo soft and shiny!!! The color was really great. My friend assumed I had gone to a professional,” commented Total Beauty reviewer, Christina C.

The Answer is Custom.

eSalon is made up of a team of expert colorists that realized mass-made boxed hair color can’t possibly work for everyone. So they create a color for you and ship it to your door. “With typical boxed color you get 20-40 premade shades that are supposed to work on everyone’s hair, so the developer is ridiculously strong and overly harmful and the color itself is pretty basic” says Courtney, eSalon’s Director of Client Education. “We craft hair color from scratch individually for each client and so far we have made over 165,000 totally unique color boxes. It’s pretty nuts,” she laughed.
For such high-quality, it’s impressive that eSalon’s hair color is under $20. Each color bottle is personalized with your name on it plus the date is was made. For such premium quality and personalization, eSalon’s price point is threatening larger well-known hair color companies who sell color at just a few dollars difference. “Let’s just say they aren’t happy,” Courtney said when referencing other brands’ reactions to eSalon’s growing spike of orders. Since the company is booming, they’ve had to change offices to be able to meet the demand. “We quickly realized we needed a bigger boat. Every month we look at our orders and can’t believe it. People literally love our hair color. We have people sending handwritten thank you cards!”

Worth a try!

Customized color truly makes a difference. eSalon already has earned a handful of high-profile mentions. Rachael Ray featured it on her show, while InStyle Magazine named it “Best of the Web” and Total Beauty reviewers voted it “Best Hair Color” twice. Plus, it won the highly coveted award for “Best Home Hair Color” from Allure four years in a row, from 2014-2017.
It even comes with a professional coloring brush, gloves, stain guard, stain remover, and shampoo & conditioner – in addition to the guidance of expert colorists. Plus to top it off, eSalon has a special offer for new customers: Get your first custom color kit for only $10 (a 50% savings!), with a satisfaction guarantee or your money back.

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