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DIY Hair Colour Review – No More Expensive Salon Visits!

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I had been frequenting the salon, but I started to notice that my colour would wash out quickly. There I was spending all this time and money, then I’d have to re-visit the salon and do it all over again!
Plus, time is precious to me. I don’t have hours to spend at the salon every single time my greys start to grow in.
I wanted a solution where I could colour at home and save time.  I also wanted to save a little money, because I was spending a lot at the salons!
Enter eSalon. I first read about eSalon in a magazine.  Allure I think it was. So I tried it. eSalon colourists formulate salon-quality hair colour made especially for you, customised to exactly your hair.
I went online and started my colour profile. My hair’s length, colour history, natural hue, and desired colour were some of the questions they asked to customise a colour for me. Amazingly, for such customised colour it was very inexpensive, under £18.

Applying the Colour

As far as the personalised instructions, it was so easy and very user friendly, plus it illustrated the application technique for my personal colour.
The beautiful thing I found was that this colour does not drip, so I could move around. I got on my computer, caught up on emails, did a little cooking, all while I had the hair colour in.  At home, I could now use those 30 hair-processing minutes being productive, instead of just sitting in a salon chair.

The Results

After I coloured my hair, I immediately just felt better. More pulled together, more polished! Treating myself to this colour was a little act of self-love.
As far as giving eSalon a try, I would say it’s so low-risk. There’s absolutely no reason not to. You have the flexibility of choosing your colour. Plus, there is a 100% satisfaction guarantee that if for any reason you’re not satisfied with your experience, they’ll re-formulate and resend a new colour, or refund your purchase anytime.
I just love how my hair looks, and isn’t that the bottom line? You want your hair to look the way you want it to look; to have a little control over that. And I get all of that when I colour my hair with eSalon.
Check eSalon out for yourself with the new customer price of only £9. And with the risk-free satisfaction guarantee? That’s one easy decision.
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About Sybil H.
Sybil is an image consultant, style blogger, and author of Style Yourself over 40, 50 & Beyond. She coaches female entrepreneurs to discover and express their personal style brand.  As a busy business owner, Sybil loves that with eSalon she can colour her hair anywhere and anytime while still getting salon-quality results.